Location: Huangpu, China
Requisition Number: 188998

Lead Test Development Engineer

Job Summary

GOS Test Development technical positions all require similar types of activities, but the required level of technical expertise increases with the higher level positions. A Lead Test Development Eng is required to be able to perform medium to high complexity engineering work. The types of work performed include development of test solution quotes, development of test solutions, test crisis support and continuous improvement of core competency. The lead engineer is expected to lead smaller teams of engineers in driving a project from concept to completion. The lead engineer is expected to work directly with the team’s project managers in interfacing with the customers on a daily basis providing project status, identifying risks earlier and providing mitigation or contingency plans. A lead engineer is also at times expected to architect test solutions from scratch based on BOM’s and must be a domain expert on Storage and servers.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  • Receives project-level direction from the project mgr and the group mgr
  • Assigned to develop lead projects, architect solutions, test specifications and test solutions of medium to high complexity
  • Test solution development tasks are done according to budget and schedule commitments from the test solution quotes
  • The tasks comprising a test solution development may include, but are not limited to, Design for Test (DFT), design, assembly, debug, validation, deployment, and emergency support of electrical hardware, mechanical hardware, optical hardware and software
  • Electrical hardware includes, but is not limited to:
    • Storage, Servers, GPIB, USB & RS-232 controlled equipment
    • PXI & LXI based test equipment
    • Design of custom circuitry implemented in custom circuit boards and cables
  • Mechanical hardware includes, but is not limited to:
    • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) chamber racks
    • Bench-test setups
    • 19” equip racks
    • Custom automated high-throughput fixtures w/ probe fields, and top, bottom, and side mounted pneumatically actuated modules
  • Software and compilers includes, but is not limited to:
    • Lab Windows/CVI, Lab View and Test Stand
    • C#, ANSI C & Visual C++
    • VB
    • Assembly for Motorola and Intel microcontrollers and microprocessors
    • HTML, PERL, ASP and custom scripting languages
    • Software for Agilent 3070, GenRad ICT and other MDA platforms
  • Test development sites develop solutions for several test processes including, but not limited to:
    • In-Circuit test (ICT) & Manufacturing Defect Analyzer (MDA)
    • Boundary Scan/ JTAG
    • Board-level functional test
    • ESS/HASS
    • System test
  • The process of developing test solutions includes, but is not limited to:
    • Test development (OrCAD, AutoCAD, FabMaster and other software development tools listed above)
    • Project tracking (action items, journals, time entry, milestones, and deliverables checklists)
    • Test solution design guidelines (global fixture specification, schematic design requirements)
    • Design reviews (Initial and post-installation)
    • Documentation package templates (test specification, BOM’s, tester validation, etc.)
  • Test solution quotes include, but are not limited to:
    • Price and schedule commitment
    • Hardware, Software and Documentation package description
    • Specification of tester validation criteria and required customer deliverables
  • The process of developing test solution quotes includes, but is not limited to:
    • Use of the automated quote system and tools
    • Completion of quotes on-schedule
Education & Experience Requirements
  • Bachelor's Degree required. Masters Degree preferred.
  • Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering preferred
  • Plus 8 - 10 yrs work-related experience required, preferably in the Storage and Computing domain
  • Min. 8 yrs experience required
  • Or an equivalent combination of education, training or experience