Active Alignment for Optical Module Assembly

Jabil + Kasalis

In 2015, Jabil acquired Kasalis, a global supplier of advanced manufacturing systems for the active alignment, assembly, and test of compact optoelectronic devices.

Kasalis' mission is to promote the widespread use of active alignment technologies that surpass traditional alignment methods in performance, quality, and cost. Through an innovative product line, fast turnaround time, and dedicated customer support, Kasalis enables customers to bring new cutting-edge technology products to market with speed and confidence.

Active Alignment

Cost effective active alignment for optical modules in up to 6 degrees of freedom

Adaptive Intelligence™

Improve yield through Kasalis' Adaptive Intelligence™ dynamic process control system

Advanced Optical Tests

Sophisticated test algorithms for comprehensive functional characterization

Optical Module Assembly

Advanced production systems for camera and projection module alignment and test

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