Manufacturing Capabilities

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With best-in-class manufacturing capabilities and facilities, Jabil Optics is the ideal contract manufacturing partner for your opto-electronics.

Jabil Optics can guide you from design through manufacturing.

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Optics Manufacturing Center

Jabil Guangzhou built its first camera module in 2007. Today our optical production capability includes both autofocus and fixed-focus products with a production volume of up to 26,000 units per day.

Our optical production lines include 7 in-line die bonders and wire bonders, 8 lens holder bonders, 2 ultra-sonic cleaning lines, 2 wafer washers, and 3 plasma cleaners. Capacity per line depends on the quantity of wire-bonds per module, the size of the substrate/panelization, and the size of the holder.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Jabil MES is a real-time shop floor control system that provides manufacturing with all the necessary tools needed to build and track quality products. Some of the key functions and data that are maintained and can be accessed include:

  • WIP
  • Routes
  • Equipment Administration
  • Part Allocation
  • BOM Administration
  • Setup Sheet Administration
  • Multi-lingual instructions
  • Manual Test Entry
  • Manual Inspection
  • Analysis & Rework
  • Board Hold
  • Return Material Authorization
  • Process Verification
  • Component Level Traceability

Armed with powerful real-time data, Jabil provides clear, accurate communications regarding scheduling, inventory, quality and shipping information. HUA will have access to board aging and traceability to a specific station, yield trends and Pareto Charts. Poka Yoke features are included to avoid wrong parts being loaded. Key data and report interfaces include:

  • Part Line Verification (PLV)
  • Manual Inspection Entry (MIE)
  • Test Analysis and Rework System (TARS)
  • Electronics Packout System (EPS)

Packaging capabilities

  • 01005 (qualified by ETS)
  • 0201's
  • 0603 Resistor nets
  • Micro-BGA
  • .35mm (qualified by ETS)
  • (0.4 mm,384 I/Os,10x10mm)
  • CSP (0.5/0.4 mm)
  • QFN/MLF (0.4mm)
  • SMT Connector (0.4 mm)
  • TQFP (0.4 mm)
  • RF Shield
  • COB
  • CCGA (1.27mm,1584 I/Os,52x52mm)
  • Press Fit connector

Substrate capabilities

  • OSP's
  • Immersion Gold
  • NiAu
  • HASL
  • Micro vias
  • Buried vias
  • Paper Phenolic
  • FR4
  • Flex circuits

Process capabilities

  • Lead Free
  • Double sided single reflow process
  • In-Line Solder Paste Inspection
  • Pin-In-Paste process
  • ACF Bonding (Anisotropic Conductive Film)
  • BGA under-fill
  • Conformal Coating
  • Potting
  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Cutting
  • Robotic Soldering
  • Selective Solder
  • No-Clean & Aqueous Clean Processes
  • Clean Room Assembly (Class 100/1K)
  • Hot Bar Soldering
  • Camera Module Assembly
  • COB ( Al. Au)
  • Auto-insertion for THT (Axial & Radial)
  • Adhesive printing and dispense
  • X-Ray Inspection(2D/3D)
  • BGA+PTH Rework station
  • AVI ( Auto Vision Inspection)
  • Auto Screwing
  • Auto label applicator
  • Odd form insertion

ME Tools capabilities

  • CAMX
  • Valor Trilogy 5000 (DFM/Programming)
  • Cluso Inspection System For NPI
  • CAMCAD Professional (Gerber Reader/CAD file converter)
  • PLV (Part line verification tool)
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Fuji Flexa
  • (Programming, Line Balance and Optimization)
  • ME Quotation Tools
  • AutoCAD

Test Equipment capabilities

  • Agilent 3070 ICT
  • Teradyne ICT
  • Agilent & Vitrox AOI (smallest component to inspect is 0201)
  • X-Ray (5DX and X6K – automated)
  • ESS Chamber
  • Humidity Chamber
  • HALT and HASS
  • CheckSum ICT and on Board Programming
  • Takaya (Flying Probe)
  • RF Equipment - (VSG, Spectrum/Network Analyzer, Power Sensor, Freq. Counter)
  • Agilent 8960 - (GSM/CDMA/WCDMA Testing)
  • Agilent N4010A (Bluetooth/WIFI)
  • CL200, Light Sensor Array
  • IC programming (DataIO, HiLo)
  • Bead Probe Technology
  • Optical Testing

Software / Tools capabilities

  • Jabil Test
  • NI TestStand
  • Labview/CVI
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Ateasy Programming Software
  • Image processing/test (Camera Module)
  • FabMaster - DFT
  • VayoPro
  • Tebo-ICT
  • Strain Gauge

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